Automated Parts Cleaner

This item is discontinued as we don't hold the patent

Just here as an example of old projects.

Universal Solvent Cleaner 


This advanced chemical processor is a single process chamber system intended for advanced solvent processing and cleaning. The process combines an up to 5 solvent process with an advanced low emission IPA vapor drying system. An optional hot air dry combined with a slow pull is also available.The result is an efficient processor with unparralled cleanliness. The system has applications in wafer stripping and cleaning, TFH debonding, glass and precision part cleaning. The system is fully automated with a dry-in and dry-out loading and unloading. The use of multiple holding tanks, low watt density tank heating and tank passive nitrogen top layer ensures both maximum chemical stability and safety. This one has a CO2 fire suppresion system with both a vapor and ignition sensor. The unit is a Division 1 Class A system.

The block diagram below shows a typical process flow for this Solvent Processor: 

Micrographs of Solvent Resist Stripping on TFH Parts: 

The two micrographs below illustrate the effectivity of a solvent process in stripping resist off the active parts of the head without removing the bonding adhesive from the tool/head. This is an example of selectivity in solvent reactions. The cleaning also removed all particles from both the air bearing surface and the head sides.


Note the resist marks on the center of the ABS of the head and on the edges. In addition some particles are evident (from their shape they are resist splatters). Note the cleanliness of the head after solvent processing.