Etcher Insulator Cleaning

This item is discontinued as we don't hold the patent

Just here as an example of old projects.

UC-9400 Etcher Kit Part Cleaner 


The UC-9400 is a modular system for cleaning the chamber insulators for the Lam 642, Centura 5200, the Gasonics 3010 and TEL tchers. Three completely isolated process tanks provide an acid or base cleaning process with a shared DI rinse tank. Both Aluminum Oxide and Quartz based kits can be cleaned. The processing tanks are mounted on a bench that is serviced by a robotic transfer tool and mechanical agitator. All the tanks have drop-in ultrasonic transducers. The acid cleaning tank is heated and the Base cleaning tank has both heating and cooling for reaction thermal control. Each of the chemical Tanks is connected to a storage tank. Automatic bulk fill and chemical drains are provided. The bench wetted parts are of PVDF, all non wetted parts are of PVC. Stainless steel frame members are covered with PVC. Heated CDA is used for drying the parts. Separate exhausts are used for each tank module and the robot is isolated by positive air flow. Facility connections are made using standard coaxial lines. Loading of the parts is through the center window over the DI water processing tank. A typical part kit load is shown in the figure to the right. Changing parts requires changing baskets. Access to filters and other maintenance items is through the front of the unit.

This unit completely isolates the operator from the process. The chemicals are recirculated and filtered prolonging batch life. The controlled environment means that parts cleaned in the UC-9400 will reliably reproduce the etcher baseline performance.

The block diagram below shows a typical process flow for the UC-9400 Processor: 

UC-9400 Cut Away View: 


In this CAD cut view the robot is clearly visible with its vertical and horizontal slides. Each of the three process tanks mounted on the bench are also seen. Note the chemical storage tanks in the system bottom containment tank. The blower is shown at the lower right. The front access filter for the acid tank is also visible in the middle left front corner. All facilities enter from the unit rear. Above the process tanks can be seen a slotted piece that passes air into the chemical tank region from the robot area ensuring that no corrosive vapor enters the slide area.

Note that the entire chemical bench is a single unit that can be slid out the front of the machine for servicing/major modification.