Fume Hoods

Self-contained, portable fume hoods and ducted fume hoods/work stations.

Our Portable Stations are portable and instantly operational ductless fume hoods. Ducted Stations are large scale, laminar flow Work Stations. All of our Fume Hoods/work stations include filtration of aerosols, fumes and gases.

Our ducted fume hoods remove toxins by filtration while protecting operators and the environment. Solid polypropylene construction with no pre-filtration metal components provides excellent corrosive and acid resistance. All plastic construction for trace metal analysis. All situations where strong acids are used such as Hydrofluoric acid we include a teflon filter. All ducted fume hoods come with laminar flow baffling for proper airflow control. We build specialized fume hoods with or without a chemical scrubber system custom designed to best suit your needs. We also offer high density polyethylene or electropolished stainless steel construction though most prefer polypropylene.

Our ductless fume hoods with triple filtration are designed utilizing the most effective filter media possible. Our ductless workstations for acidic and corrosive applications protects the worker and the environment from toxic vapors while the complete polypropylene construction ensures a rust free environment. These units may be used in total recirculation mode or they can be exhausted via acid, corrosion, and fire resistant plastic ducting.

Don't let pictures, names or model numbers fool you. All of our fume hoods are completely customizable with add-on options and can be built with measurements to fit available space in your clean room. We don't just sell you a product that's sitting in storage. We build every Fume hood to suit the customers needs.

All NerdLogical™ Fume Hoods are designed to perform to all SAMA/SEFA Standards LF-10-1980, 1981, 1992; and the design and containment properties to ASHRAE Standards.110-1985 for Fume Hoods.