Mask CD Cleaning

Mask CD Cleaning System
Chemical Fume Hood

General Specifications

The NerdLogical™ Mask CD Cleaning Station is a Metallizer Mask Cleaning system designed to meet the demands of mid sized CD Replicators. It is a Manual Mask CD Cleaning station with added automated cleaning processes. It has the capacity to process up to 4 sets of masks simultaneously with a typical cycle time of 2 hours while providing a safe, effective, and economically reliable method of refurbishing coated masks. This is an effective solution to an otherwise dangerous and dirty operation.


The standard version of this system is 80" long by 34" deep by 84" high and is designed to clean up to 4 sets of parts (depending on Metallizer). A set typically consist of an ID mask, OD mask , Shield, and Retaining Ring. Three sets are placed into a cleaning basket and 3 baskets are provided with the system which allows complete cleaning.

Cycle Description

The cleaning process consists of an aluminum stripping cycle with hot caustic soda ( air bubble assist) with cooling water and a temperature controller; a city water rinse with an automatic spray cycle; and a final automatic D.I. spray rinse cycle.

System Description

The enclosure consists of rear, side and top panels plus double hinged clear windows to provide safety for the operator at work by maintaining air flow of 100 C.F.M. away from the operator. This Model of Chemical Fume Hood is constructed from all stress relieved, fully seam welded, white polypropylene. The hood is 100% metal free and uses no nylon components. Other plastic used is PVC, High Density Polyethylene, PVDF or Teflon. Two doors with clear lexan windows are standard. The windows provide a work access opening of 33" by 28" and can be completely closed. The clear windows are constructed of 1/4" Teflon Coated Clear Lexan.

Standard Features

  • Superstructure is constructed of 1/2" stress relieved all seam welded white polypropylene.
  • Sealed interior light creates a 120 Ft. candle work surface.
  • 3 process baskets included which each hold 3 sets of masks at one time.
  • Polypropylene service valves.
  • Remote controlled service fixtures.
  • Remote controlled goosenecks with ball valve controls.
  • Inter service fixtures.
  • Digital Display and auto alarm.
  • 2 Each Process timers.
  • Caustic Soda digital constant temperature cooling control.
  • Acid and Caustic Soda reclaim and pumping tank under storage 160 Gal. with disposal pump 8' hose and level sensors.
  • built in water scrubber system, a charcoal filter, a 99.999% HEPA Filter and an additional layer of pleated teflon filters.
  • Spray gun.
  • Air manometer.
  • Built in N2 purged mask storage area.

Facility Requirements

  • D.I. Water 1/2" N.F.P.T. 60 P.S.I. Air or Nitrogen, 1/4 " F.N.P.T.
  • Electricity 115V - 20 AMP.
  • 1.5" Drain for City Water.
  • 2" Drain for 160 gal. reclaim tank once contents are safe. Auto-titration is available.
  • All NerdLogical™ Fume Hoods are designed to perform to all SAMA/SEFA Standards LF-10-1980, 1981, 1992; and the design and containment properties to ASHRAE Standards.110-1985 for Fume Hoods.
  • This Ducted Fume Hood is available with a Mask CD Cleaning system or as a wet station without the system installed.