Hyperbaric Systems

Explosion shielded, temperature controled, filtered hyperbaric reaction chambered systems

Ducted Systems with temperature and pressure controls with optional liquid nitrogen for cooling.

Specialized Controlled Hoods or Booths

Filtered, ventilated, explosion shielded booths, lead lined with several options available for controlled alkali metal Chromatography

Filtered Hoods, Stations, Booths, Controlled Exothermic Reactions.

Containment Systems, Hood/Booth Options for BioGeoMetallurgical or Pharmaceutical Medical Research

  • We can build to suit your needs; any variation of hood, booth or cabinet with lead shielding, explosive shielding using anything from heavy LEXAN, LEXGUARD, Alloy or Stainless armor plate to protect the operator while performing exothermal reactions.
  • Over the years we've designed various types of prototypes for our customers.

    Of the small, Carry-on prototypes we allowed all of them to be patented by the customer since it was their original design and idea in the first place to help re-design them..

    For their privacy we won't post pictures or give names but will mention a few..

    from small samplers for sampling the air and soil in the field to nucleic acid incubators for carry-on purposes we've had 100% success in all of the small prototypes we built.

    This being said; we would like to build your prototype of the system that isn't available yet the technology exists. Yes, it always is more costly to build, test and update prototypes than to build a regular design. Still this can be the best option for your needs.

    If interested; just give us a shout so we can go from there.