Automated Cleaning Process

This item is discontinued as we don't hold the patent

Just here as an example of old projects.

SC-8900 Centrifugal Peripheral Cleaner 


The SC-8900 is a high volume cleaner that removes resist, ionic films and particles, eliminating holder to product contamination. Two models are available an aqueous cleaner and a NMP based solvent stripper. The cleaner is modular and integrated with a wash followed by, two DI water rinses, a high speed centrifugal and a hot clean air dry. A 13 step computer controlled process is used. A flow through titanium DI water system is also an option. Universal inserts are used for easy product size or type change.

The block diagram below shows a typical process flows for the SC-8900 Processor: 

SC-8900 Measured Particle Contamination and Ionic Contaminants: 

The cleaning efficiency is above 98% and the average number of 0.2 m particles is Ò 88 particles per mL. The metal ions on the box surfaces are less than 0.05 PPB for 200 mm Ultrapak box sets.

SC-8900 Throughput and Yearly COO for Selected Peripherals

PeripheralsThroughput (sets/hr.)Annual unit cost

200mm ultrapak sets12$0.69
150mm fluoroware sets42$0.27
100 mm fluoroware sets80$0.13
150 cassettes169$0.07