Chemical Storage

Chemical Storage Cabinet.

This was a polypropylene chemical storage cabinet with laminar flow, HEPA filter and a small quiet blower. Built to order for a clean room.

Laminar Flow Storage Cabinet
Provides Static and Particulate-Free Storage

Fully self-contained cabinet designed for storage cabinet, non-static all plastic enclosure, chemically inert, no rust, quiet, clean, and movable.


  • Does not build up static charge.
  • Does not collect moisture.
  • Does not particulate.
  • Needs no N2 Purge.
  • Only 14" deep wall mounted for effective use of costly floor space.
  • Excellent visibility and easy accessibility for contents.
  • Cleans room air to Class 10 by re-circulating.

Design Advantages

  • Storage of super clean product which requires controlled environment.
  • Class 10 atmosphere in the cabinet designed to Federal Standard #209-E 1988.
  • Included: Motor/blower 115. V-2.8-A. 12" by 48" by 6" 99.992% Hepa filter absolute.

Construction Fixtures

  • Air Scrubber Systems™ Laminar Flow Storage Cabinets are manufactured of non static polyethylene material, all welded construction.
  • With glass or Lexan sliding doors. Earthquake anchors (Optional).
  • Designed to operate in a clean room environment.